asbazar token whitepaper
Asbazar is the most comprehensive international online store that supports cryptocurrency and international shipping to provide the highest quality to users. We have also created an online store in the blockchain technology from the supplychain to delivery to the customer

asbazar ecosystem

Asbazar relying on the experience of e-commerce experts and modern technical knowledge, tries to complete its ecosystem and in this regard, has made every effort to develop the software and systems required for this ecosystem based on blockchain. so we be able to make the eccosystem maturity reality. in the below you can see a view of the almost mature ecosystem of the asbazar.
Main actors of the ecosystem:

  • Logistics: This subsystem includes all services and software related to the freight shipping network

  • Customers: Financial systems, user management & as well as blockchain wallets developed in this section

  • Insurance: All services related to the issuance, management and compensation of intelligent insurance of goods and related financial transactions are developed in this section.

  • Warehouse: Services related to warehousing, storage, aggregation of goods, packaging and preparation for shipment will be developed in this section.

  • Online Stores: Software services, customer club, product quality management, product supply, sales performance monitoring are developed in this section

  • Payment service: Development of smart payment, sharing checkout, payment and withdrawal methods based on cryptocurrency and other payment methods

asbazar ecosystem

Finally, as you can see in the picture above, all traditional and online sellers will be able to offer their goods in Asbazar, and buyers around the world will use payment methods such as ASB Tokens, Bitcoin, Tron , ... To buy and receive their goods by our contractors in the field of transportation. Also, companies providing insurance services can cooperate with Asbazar by observing the system protocols, and finally, with smart contracts and ASB tokens, all financial services between the beneficiaries will be settled after the work is done and verified.

ASB token technical information

ASBAZAR Cryptocurrency as the latest technology in the field of payment developed and came to help softwares and systems designed by the developer companies. ASBAZAR now ready to make financial transactions easily and away from the problems of money transfer in the international arena . ASBAZAR Cryptocurrency designed and developed on blockchain technology.

ASB token technical information
1 Technology TRC-20
2 Contract Address TVfB3h3kdj1iZHty4yCAhUc1o9XbLF593h
3 Token Name ASBAZAR
4 Token Abbreviation ASB
5 Total Supply 10,000,000
6 Precision 18

ASB token issuance

ASB token, a TRC20-based utility token, is Asbazar’s platform token. ASB holders are the platform’s core user base and will receive numerous benefits for their loyal support of the token. Much like the VIP buyers on oldest stores, ASB token holders will be treated like blockchain royalty. ASB tokens will only be earned through the IEO, secondary markets, airdrops, and promotional events. The following is a non-exhaustive list of ASB token’s use cases.

Participants - ( 5% ) : In this section, all users with accounts in Tron Blockchain system will be able to make initial purchase up to 5% equivalent to 500,000 tokens through Tron Network from 2019-12-03 to 2019-12-03 for one year.

Airdrop - ( 30% ) :In order to appreciate the support of its loyal users, Asbazar blockchain network launches the distribution of 30% of its tokens equivalent to 3,000,000 tokens according to the following formula, and all users can receive this gift without any restrictions by observing the rules governing KYC.

  • From token number 1 to 100,000, receive an 10.47952 ASB for each sign in to your user panel in 24 hours.
  • From token number 100.001 to 200,000, receive an 5.47952 ASB for each sign in to your user panel in 24 hours.
  • From token number 200.001 to 2,000,000, receive an 0.47952 ASB for each sign in to your user panel in 24 hours.
  • From token number 2.000.001 to 10,000,000, receive an 0.2136864 ASB for each sign in to your user panel in 24 hours.

Also, by introducing each new person to the Asbazar blockchain network, you can add a coefficient to your rewards. For example, if 10 people register in the Asbazar system through you and sign in their user panel every day, your reward will be 0.47952. Will increase by 4.7952 tokens every 24 hours: ( Sign in rewards = Daily rewards * active referral users )
   For more detailed information, you can visit this page

Platform Development - ( 10% ) : Every month, a portion of ASB tokens will be allocated for the growth of the Asbazar platform. These tokens will be used for hiring additional developers, infrastructure costs, exploring new technologies, and more. In order to ensure accountability, the Asbazar team will provide the community an annual report of how the development funds were spent and what results were achieved.

Management team - ( 10% ) : Asbazar’s team is committed to the platform’s long-term growth and success. All of the core team members have committed to developing for the platform throughout the foreseeable future and have performance-based incentives tied into their agreements. for this reason we assign 10% equivalent to 1.000.000 tokens to management team.

Strategic Partnership - ( 10% ) : Asbazar has plans to leverage strategic partnerships and advisories to expand across multiple industries and become the premier platform on the internet to shopping, socialize, and stake. By working with the biggest names in blockchain, shipping , and online store, Asbazar can quickly establish itself as the industry standard. and there is only more to come.

Public Sale - ( 35% ) : In order to buy products from Asbazar, we will offer 35% equivalent to 3,500,000 tokens in online exchanges so that our users can easily trade in Asbazar. This offer can be used immediately and there are no restrictions on purchases.


Asbazar can be stored in all wallets that support TRC-20 technology. The most popular wallets are the following wallets:

Competitive Advantages

As you can see in the image below, in the old store systems, data and user information were shared between the shipping network, payment gateway and other stakeholders, and each of them could enter and seize it or misuse it. However, in the system designed by Asbazar, direct information is exchanged in P2P format and encrypted directly between the store and the buyer, and by using smart contracts, all financial exchanges are carried out to the most accurate possible model and the highest security.

Competitive Advantages

Some other competitive advantages:

  • No restrictions: In this service, goods can be transported from anywhere to anywhere in the world using a diverse shipping network and according to the needs of the user and the capabilities of the shipping company, so the range of buyers will be international and the time of receipt goods are much faster.

  • Financial exchange network: By using the cryptocurrency payment methods, the purchase is no longer without borders and the security of the transferred money has increased and you can easily buy the product you want from anywhere in the world.

  • Smart pony: By using smart contracts in each order, after completing the work and verifying it, the partner's share fee is paid automatically and according to the defined protocols of the blockchain network.

Transactions Fee

Due to the technology used in the Asbazar blockchain network and in order to increase the efficiency of the financial payment network, this token will not deduct any commission from its transactions until further notice, and for each transfer, some of your wallet energy will be deducted. Obviously, this energy is recharged automatically every 24 hours.

Transaction Explorer

In order to create transparency and display the volume & number of transactions and monitor the transactions hash made in Blockchain Network, you can use the following references :