sweet corn seeds

sweet corn seeds

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Golden sweet corn seed is a completely organic seed and has a yellow color and is juicy, sweet with a wonderful aroma and taste. This seed can be grown at home, so prepare the seed now and after planting your own product Enjoy cooking, boiling or grilling.

Organic sweet corn seeds

How to plant golden sweet corn seeds:

Planting corn, like our other seeds, is very simple, and this tutorial is completely in the tutorial video.

1) To plant corn, first prepare the drained soil. It is better to add time fertilizer to this soil.

2) Place the seed under the soil 2 times the diameter of the seed.

3) Maintain the ambient temperature between 21 to 32 degrees for 3 to 4 months.

4) The initial buds should appear within 2 weeks.

5) When the seeds reach a height of 20 to 25 cm, add fertilizer that releases nitrogen to the soil.

6) Water the plant regularly and prune the weeds regularly.

7) Be careful not to remove the roots of corn that have grown on the soil surface.

8) Please note that corns are propagated by pollination and if your environment is not windy, it is enough to put male flowers on plants on the ears of corn.

9) When the water inside the corn is like milk, the corn is ready to be harvested.

Attribute Value
Dimensions 15 * 12 * 1 cm
Weight 5 gr
Plant Type cereals
Planting season Spring , Autumn , Winter
Seed viability 90%
Purity 98%
Suggested space for cultivation 2 Meters
Depth required for planting Twice of the seed diameter
Soil suitable for planting A mixture of cocopeat and peat moss
Amount of water required Always moist soil, Regular watering

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