black eggplant seeds for planting

black eggplant seeds for planting

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Eggplant is one of the most popular for preparing food, pickles. The naturalness and organicity of vegetables and fruits is one of the main reasons for the high level of vitamins and their nutrition. You can prepare black eggplant seeds. Plant this product organically in your home and enjoy it. We will teach you how to plant it in the video section of the product.

Buy Organic Black Eggplant Seeds

This product is presented completely organically and can be grown at home. Enjoy a completely natural product by growing black eggplant in your home. We will teach you how to plant it so that you can easily do it without the need for help. Do another person.

Attribute Value
Dimensions 15 * 12 * 1 cm
Weight 5 gr
Plant Type cucurbits
Planting season Spring , Autumn , Winter
Seed viability 90%
Purity 98%
Suggested space for cultivation 1 Meters
Depth required for planting 6 mm
Soil suitable for planting Sandy soils with PH higher than 6.5
Amount of water required Medium - after each drying of the soil

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