Hands Free TDK TH-EB800

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Quick Overview

TDK hands-free model TH-EB800 is one of the types of light hands-free with acceptable sound quality for enjoying music and with soft and quality phones.

This handsfree is designed to fit completely inside the ear

TDK has designed this handsfree with a metal body that makes it highly impact resistant

The 1.1 meter cable of these headphones has a quality plastic cover and can show good resistance against many problems such as cable entanglement

The cover on the head of the THD EB800 TDK handsfree is made of silicone, which does not convey discomfort and fatigue to the user when placed inside the ear

This type of handsfree is of the type in your phone and like all handsfree phones, it offers better sound

There is a control part on the cable of this handsfree

With this control, you can control music playback and callback

Above the control is an HD microphone that is capable of transmitting your sound in high quality

Attribute Value
Dimensions 15 * 15 * 1 cm
Weight 8 gr
Ability to play music Yes
Cable length 1 meters
Color Black
Aural Type 2 handsets
Sensitivity 104 decibels
Impedance 16 ohms

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