cherry tomato seeds for planting

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Currently, about 7,500 varieties of tomatoes are grown, each with different characteristics, color, taste and size. These tomatoes with a diameter of about two centimeters are the most popular type of tomato and are very similar in shape to cherries. For this reason, they are known as cherry tomatoes.

Benefits of Cherry Tomato Seeds
These seeds are obtained from the best tomato variety and are completely organic. Also, the seeds of this product can be grown in small spaces such as pots and apartments. By buying this product, you can experience the pleasure of planting an organic and natural product at a very reasonable price.

Cherry Tomato Planting Tutorial
For the first sowing, the seeds should be placed in a suitable wet tray or container for about one to two weeks to germinate, and then the buds should be transferred to the main sowing site. For planting you will need well-drained fertile soil. Also, sow the seeds in the furrows created in the soil close to each other and at a depth of 6 mm.
After sowing the seeds, we should cover it with some soil on the surface. Germination and emergence of the plant should be watered once a day. The optimum temperature for seed germination will be 23 to 26 degrees Celsius. After the plant has grown a few centimeters and turned into seedlings, they can be gently removed from the soil and transferred to the main pot.
Each seedling should be placed in a pot, and if planted in the garden, there should be a distance of about 40 to 60 cm between each seed. It is better to place the pots in a sunny place away from strong winds after the planting stage. .

Properties and characteristics of tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes are similar to other tomatoes in terms of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, such as antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A. The presence of these natural resources strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of prostate, stomach, intestinal and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the beauty and radiance of hair and eyesight.
Because cooking tomatoes increases the lycopene in them, which is an antioxidant (anti-cancer), and on the other hand, the heat will cause the loss of vitamin C in it; Therefore, it is better to eat tomatoes raw and cooked alternately so that its consumption has the best results for the body.

Attribute Value
Dimensions 15 * 12 * 1 cm
Weight 50 gr
Plant Type cucurbits
Planting season Spring , Autumn , Winter
Seed viability 85%
Purity 99%
Suggested space for cultivation 2 Meters
Depth required for planting Twice of the seed diameter
Soil suitable for planting A mixture of cocopeat and peat moss
Amount of water required Moisture of the culture medium until see

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