spinach seeds for planting

spinach seeds for planting

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With this product, you can experience the pleasure of planting spinach vegetables in your home and enjoy the freshly planted product by yourself.

Spinach is not very sensitive to the weather and is a product of the cold season. Adequate air and soil moisture have a positive effect on the growth and quality of spinach. In warm regions it is planted in mid-autumn and in cold places in mid-spring. Spinach is more resistant to salinity than many vegetables. Cultivation of spinach in light sandy soils gives better results. Spinach can be sprayed by hand, linearly and in large surface vegetables with a seed machine. In the linear method, the distance between the rows is 35-45 cm and the distance between each spinach on the lines is 30 to 40 cm. Spinach needs a lot of water and should be irrigated during good growing season. Irrigation not only increases crop yields but also delays flowering.

you can use this seed for planting on your home and we learn you how you can grow your seeds in video section

Attribute Value
Dimensions 15 * 12 * 1 cm
Weight 50 gr
Plant Type Vegetables
Planting season Spring , Autumn , Winter
Seed viability 85%
Purity 96%
Suggested space for cultivation 2 Meters
Depth required for planting Twice of the seed diameter
Soil suitable for planting Garden, farmland, home pots
Amount of water required Always moist soil, Regular watering

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